Music Alarm Clock

Wake up to your favorite MP3s

This computer alarm clock software is simple and fun to use. You can set an infinite number of alarms, and you can set your favorite audio songs as the ringtone so you can wake up to your favorite MP3 tracks

Designed to make waking up for a work a more pleasant experience, this program also provides an option of waking to CDs, videos or MPEG movies. Additional features include Gentle wake, Weekend Sleeper, Auto-Shutdown function, built-in playlist editor.

Other great features rammed into the program include:

  • "Always on top" feature
  • Separate displays for time, date and day of the week
  • Possibility to position the main screen anywhere on the screen
  • Detection of another running copy hiding in the system tray
  • Auto-save of settings
  • Set your video as screensaver

Music Alarm Clock


Music Alarm Clock 3.12